OrxaGrid – Enabling A Sustainable Energy Future

The United Nations, through its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), has formulated a global agenda to spur economic growth while tackling climate change at the same time. Goal 7 of the SDGs directs member states to ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for everyone. 

Low carbon technologies (LCTs) such as electric vehicles, charging stations, batteries, wind and solar energy, etc. will play a pivotal role in enabling electrical systems to meet carbon emission targets and achieve a global clean energy ambition. However, a large uptake in these LCTs will significantly change the traditional energy flow profile.

The uneven, distributed and bidirectional nature of LCTs pose a challenge to ensuring uninterrupted and efficient electrical grid system. Research also indicates that an unmanaged uptake of LCTs into the grid will increase risk of power cuts, grid losses and subsequent rise in electricity prices.

Furthermore, the ageing electrical infrastructure and the increasing capital expenditure make it difficult for Utilities to meet its innovative goals and increase grid network capacity to meet the growing demand for electricity.  These aspects make a true energy transition less attainable.

OrxaGrid – Enabling A Sustainable Energy Future

OrxaGrid Ltd. is a London-based analytics-driven startup that leverages IoT and artificial intelligence to deliver innovative solutions to the biggest challenge facing the planet: a cleaner, sustainable energy future.

Focusing on three key challenges faced by the power sector –

1. Energy efficiency,

2. Fault prevention and

3. Asset Health Management

OrxaGrid’s smart sensors, robust algorithms and advanced predictive analytics enable utilities to provide clean, quality, reliable, sustainable and affordable 24×7 power.

Since its inception in 2017, OrxaGrid has successfully implemented complex data-led projects for leading Utility companies and large energy consumers across India, UK and Denmark. Some of its marquee projects include predicting voltage limit violations for a leading power distribution company in the UK, underground cable health analysis for a leading electricity company in Denmark and transformer load analysis for a leading DISCOM in India.

Recognising its subject matter expertise and innovative technology solutions, OrxaGrid won the “Best Smart Grid Project In India By Industry” award at India Smart Utility Week 2019 and “Participants’ Choice Start-up Award” at CIRED 2019. 

How OrxaGrid Helps Utilities

OrxaGrid’s data science solutions can determine the apt combination of LCTs that can be installed to ensure the lowest possible carbon emissions and lowest possible energy bills for a given location. Instead of asking consumers to reduce their electricity usage, OrxaGrid assists Utilities to deliver 24×7 affordable and sustainable power.

In addition, OrxaGrid’s solutions provide network operators with real-time visibility of their entire electricity grid. Its asset health management apps enable grid operators to identify the highest-risk assets out of the entire asset pool thereby preventing network failures.

OrxaGrid’s intuitive dashboards auto-prioritize the most important alert based on the probability and consequences of failure. The core system focuses on determining abnormal conditions and accurately predicts probable occurrences of power cuts, losses and system imbalances. 

Here are four ways how OrxaGrid helps Utilities:

1. Identify spare capacity in the grid to enable smooth integration of LCTs

2. Real-time monitoring of substation network for instant identification and prediction of network inefficiencies

3. Power outage detection, analysis and prediction through machine learning algorithms, and

4. Identify, analyse and predict asset failures and inefficiencies through deep insights and actionable intelligence for increasing grid efficiency.

To learn how OrxaGrid can help your Utility provide affordable, reliable and sustainable energy, please visit www.orxagrid.com or email us at marketing@scopetnm.com.

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