Introducing Prima Series: The Lightweight Champion Of Primary Injection Kits

SCOPE Prima Primary Injection Kit

Primary (Current) Injection Kits – a crucial set of T&M instruments that measure the healthiness of Current Transformers (CTs), have been around for many years now. And while Primary Injection Kits have evolved over the years, three common challenges still remain with most Primary Injection Kits available in the market today:

1. They Lack An Inbuilt Capability To Test/Measure Secondary Current

An ideal Primary Injection Kit should be capable of seamlessly testing the primary current as well as the secondary current across a broad range of CT currents (ranging from 400A to 1600A) where testing these currents range from 80A to 1920A for primary current and 200mA to 1200mA for secondary current. Most conventional Primary Injection Kits lack these dual capabilities.

2. They DO NOT Come Pre-packaged With The Requisite Supporting Cables

A common practice followed by conventional Primary Injection Kit providers is to offer the Kit as a standalone unit without the requisite cables and other accessories. This siloed approach not only leads to severe customer inconvenience but also significantly adds to the total cost thereby leading to a poor customer experience.

3. They Are Bulky and Very Heavy

The average bare weight of conventional Primary Injection Kits available in the market today range between 60 to 120 kgs. Add to it the weight of the necessary cables and other accessories and the weight significantly balloons to 185 to 490 kgs that makes quick transportation to test sites very difficult.

At SCOPE, our R&D Team has been earnestly working to find a practical and cost effective solution to mitigate the above three challenges and we are happy to inform you that finally we have found one!

Introducing  ‘Prima’ – our new Primary Injection Kit that not only offers superior capabilities but also breaks the traditional weight barrier by more than 80%.

1. Superior Capabilities

  • In-built with a Primary Current Measurement Meter as well as a Secondary Current Measurement Meter that enables the user to view both the readings simultaneously directly from Prima’s Control Panel.
  • Equipped with a Programmable Timer that automatically stops the current injection after the pre-set time.
  • A new Raise & Lower Switch that controls the Variac eliminating the need of manual rotation. Additionally, a rotating control knob is provided for the finer control of setting the exact output current.

2. Cohesive Solution

  • Prima comes pre-packaged with all the requisite cables thereby ensuring that no separate expenses are required for any cable.
  • All control and measurement mechanisms are tightly integrated and smartly positioned within a square foot of each other that amplifies Prima’s ease of use.
  • Prima’s Control Unit is efficiently housed is a rugged Aluminum Strolley that makes transportation fast and easy.

3. Lightweight

  • Even with all the requisite cables and accessories, the total weight of the entire Prima Kit ranges only between 89 to 104 kgs that makes it the lightest Primary Injection Kit available in the market today.

For more information, please write to us at and we will get back to you in a jiffy!

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