How to do Condition Assessment Diagnostics of Generators?

Over the years, power generation in India has grown manifold: installed capacity has increased from 1.36 GW in 1947 to 382.73 GW as on April 2021 (Source: CEA). Therefore, maintenance of generators is critical to ensuring uninterrupted quality power to the country. Apart from the generator, the HT transformer and the HT motors play a …

Monitor Your Distribution Network In Real-time with OrxaGrid’s Single Line Diagram (SLD)

This post is co-created with OrxaGrid to showcase OrxaGrid’s interactive & intuitive Single Line Diagram which allows users to easily create, edit and export their single line diagrams The Grid Analytics Platform features an editable and configurable Single Line Diagram (SLD) tool that brings live system monitoring data from on-site sensors. Having an SLD tool …

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