Central Transmission Utility of India Limited – An important entity born out of yet another reform measure in the Transmission Sector of India

The Central Transmission Utility (CTU) is an important facet of the electricity transmission sector. The Electricity Act, 2003, the legislation which determines the governance of the electricity sector in India, has allocated various important functions to the CTU. Among others, these functions include: (a) undertaking transmission of electricity through the inter-state transmission network, (b) planning …

Revamped Distribution Scheme – Another Effort to Reform the Indian Electricity Distribution Sector

In earlier blog, we discussed in detail a major problem plaguing the electricity sector in India – ensuring financial viability of Distribution Utilities (DISCOMs). We noted how this objective has long been a policy focus for successive governments and discussed a new Central Government scheme aimed at ensuring financial viability of DISCOMs; a scheme which …

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